Photo credit:   Jason Jamal Nakleh

Photo credit: Jason Jamal Nakleh

Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP ®

I’ve been involved in the financial services industry since 1997, and performing investment management and financial planning since 2005. I earned the CFP ® designation in 2010, and have been helping clients manage their financial lives ever since. I started Future Perfect Planning in 2015 to deliver affordable, independent financial planning to everyone, because I believe that everyone should have access to trustworthy, sound advice. There are no asset or income minimums. 

Fiduciary, 24/7

What does it mean to be an independent, fee-only fiduciary? It means that I work for you and put your interests first. Because my compensation comes only from the fees I quote you at the beginning of our relationship, I am free to recommend any product or strategy to fit your unique goals. I don't sell products and don't receive commissions for anything that I do recommend. I uphold this standard without exception.

Financial planning is sometimes thought of as something you either have to do yourself because advisors are only for the rich, or as something so complicated you can’t possibly understand it. Aggressive sales tactics, high minimums, opaque fees and new products that purport to make the process easier but often themselves just add to the confusion have created the impression that there’s no one looking out for the next generation. Today‘s financial landscape is very different than it was years ago, with much higher (and also more complex) student loan debt, a nonstop stream of financial news, complicated retirement saving rules, and the memory of a crisis many families haven’t quite bounced back from.

I provide straightforward advice in a flexible structure that fits your life and establishes a partnership to last for years to come. My aim is to educate, not just give advice or recommendations. I’m committed to showing how working with an advisor can benefit you, and how you have the tools and capability to take control of their finances.

I'm a native of Brooklyn, NY, where I still live. When I'm not helping clients, I enjoy running, reading, learning, being an active volunteer in my community and especially spending time with my husband and son. 




Photo credit: Jason Jamal Nakleh