Introductory meetings are always complimentary. Once we discuss your goals and circumstances, we can determine which service model is most appropriate for you. There are no minimum asset or income requirements. 

$750 per person or $1,250 per household

Appropriate for:
Investors who would like a neutral third party overview of their portfolios, with an assessment of the costs being incurred and an overview of the investments themselves.

What's included:

  • A thorough review of the past six months of activity in all of your existing investments accounts, including taxable and tax-deferred

  • A summary of the expenses being incurred, including commissions and mutual fund annual expense fees

  • Instructions for how to read your statements, including how to find fee information and how to assess trading activity

What's not included (if you are interested in including the below in our work together, we can discuss one of the other options and make the portfolio analysis part of the scope of the engagement):

  • Planning work such as cash flow review, goal setting, debt repayment strategies, or insurance recommendations

  • Investment recommendations, as they can only be properly made after thoroughly reviewing your entire situation, including your risk tolerance and your goals for the money


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