Project Planning

Based on complexity, typically $1,000-$3,000


Appropriate For: 
Clients who are comfortable with a hybrid DIY approach, who just want someone to review the details and make recommendations they can take action on.  

Clients who have a specific question (are we ready to buy a house? How should my investments be structured? Can we afford to have one of us take time out of work to stay home with the kids?)

Retainer Engagement

Initial planning fee of $1,000, then an annual retainer fee (charged monthly) based on complexity

Appropriate For:
Clients who prefer long-term assistance and an accountability partner to check in with. 

Clients who prefer someone else to handle all the details and keep them up-to-date on anything they need to do.

Clients who have a complex situation, or who anticipate their situation growing more complex in the near future

Introductory meetings are always complimentary. Once we discuss your goals and circumstances, we can determine which of the above service models is most appropriate for you. There are no minimum asset or income requirements.